Using the Autohotkey StringSplit / StrSplit() function to slice strings

autohotkey StringSplitUsing the AutoHotkey StringSplit / StrSplit() function

AutoHotkey has some pretty cool functions for slicing strings. Not quite as robust as Python however they definitely cover the majority of needs with ease.  In the below video I demonstrate some simple usage if it as well as a way to access the Array it creates without ever saving it to a variable!  🙂


Tutorial demonstrating AutoHotkey StringSplit function

Using the String Split function in AutoHotkey

Save a ton of time by uploading a contact list using SilverPop API and SFTP

SilverPop APIUploading a contact list to Engage can be time consuming using their web interface.  Even when I focus on the task, it takes from 7-10 minutes.

SilverPop API

Most don’t know that SilverPop API is a decent API webservice.  Tie it in with a SFTP (secure file transfer) and suddenly your uploading lists in about 5 seconds!

While the video is a couple of minutes long, the actual work involved is only a few seconds. After uploading the list, the script launches a separate checker to see when the data job completes and then writes my confirmation email for me.

Uploading a contact list ot Engage via an API call


Regression tree on employee satisfaction data helped identify priorities

Regression Trees

While multiple regression is a great tool for analyzing data, most clients (sadly) have a hard time “getting” it.  Over the years of working with corporate executives I have found that regression trees are much easier for non-stat people to understand.

Below is a tree from SYSTAT that was created from data collected by employees in annual employee satisfaction study.  Putting the tree together and making it “pretty” helped C-level executives understand what we needed to work on.  Please be sure you transform your data before running your analtyics.  Employee satisfaction data nearly always has negative skewness.

regrssion tree


Employee satisfaction is a fascinating topic.  A decent introduction and review  can be found in this book:

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

Great function for sending text to the SciTE Output Pane

SciTE Output paneWhile I predominately view text with Message boxes in AutoHotkey, sometimes they are not the right tool for the job.  I wrote a short function to automate sending text to the SciTE Output pane.

SciTE is a great editor however the Output pane is greatly underutilized.  Below is the function I wrote to manipulate it

SciTE Output Pane AutoHotkey Function

And here is a short video walking through how to use it

Sending Text to the SciTE Output Pane