b2b email list for purchase via easy to use GUI & Clearbit Prospector API

b2b email list for purchaseI often see my friends & colleagues that work in sales spend a ton of time looking-up sales leads & their email addresses.  For that reason I built a GUI around the Clearbit Prospector API which provides b2b email list for purchase.  In this previous video I demonstrated how to first find the company domain.  Once you know the company you wish to target (and their domain) you can go to work finding people that work at that company.

The GUI allows for filtering by title, experience, Roles, and Name.  It is smart enough to remember if you’ve previously added Job Titles / Roles which will greatly ease the process (as most sales people are looking for the same type of person at different companies).

Here’s the video demonstrating how easy it is to use the Clearbit Prospector API.

Perform a b2b email list for purchase with Clearbit Prospector API

clearbit prospect lookup

Company Lookup via Clearbit API- Easily get the data you’re looking for!

company-lookupSales people spend a lot of time trying to find companies they wish to target.  Most tools allow for looking at them via a Web Interface but extracting the data in a standard format is difficult or time consuming.  While Web Scraping can be helpful, it can be time consuming and, depending on the source, unreliable.  Clearbit Company lookup / Discovery API allows for easily filtering down to the targeted companies and then extracting them to a flat file.

Our BETA GUI allows for many different ways to filter down your targeted companies and, quickly return data on those that you are interested in.  Check out the below video which shows how easy it is to perform a company lookup via an API call.  You can also check out this video which shows how easy it is to get names, titles and email addresses of people associated to those companies.

Clearbit Company Lookup / Discovery API call

Company Discovery _ Lookup via Clearbit API


AutoHotkey Webinar: 10/18/2016 Excel and COM

AutoHotkey webinarAutoHotkey Webinar Videos and Links

  • Here is a link to video of the First hour (Thank you Joe W for providing this.  I forgot to record the first hour!)
  • Video of Second hour where we chit-chat about how to best solve some problems.

Link to AutoHotkey Webinar resources Excel via COM:

 Resources covered during AutoHotkey webinar

 Featured Script- Toggle to other monitor

AutoHotkey webinars are planned for the third Tuesday of each month.  Signup to future webinars here

Set Excel Font type and format with AutoHotkey

Automatically Set Excel Font type, size, emphasis with AutoHotkeySet Excel Font

Excel files are a go-to standard form many business people.  Often people will export a file from their “tool” and then spend time making it “pretty” by adjusting font size, type, cell color, formatting, etc.  When I do this, I automate the re-doing of applying formatting over and over which greatly streamlines the process and makes things more consistent.

Tutorial how to use the below AutoHotkey functions

Excel & AutoHotkey-Font type, size, and formatting

The following AutoHotkey functions are demonstrated in the below above video.  They make it a breeze to update settings in a given Excel range.

AutoHotkey functions to Set Excel Font type, Size and format