Report Generation- Crank out automated reports!

report generation

Report Generation

In market research I would very frequently have to crank out a ton of different versions of reports for a given study.  In the corporate world, like it or not, PowerPoint is still king.  🙁   By building a generic template I was able to drastically speed-up my report generation.

Setting up the template takes a little time at first however, in the long run, it will save you an amazing amount of time!

There is a lot more I automated however having a flexible template is always a great place to start!

Report Generation- Crank out automated reports!


Heteroscedasticity & Transformations- Video of “transforming” data

Heteroscedasticity & transformations

Heteroscedasticity & Transformations

Financial data often has problems with heteroscedasticity also spelled Heteroskedasticity (funnel shaped). Performing transformations is necessary however I often have a hard time explaining what the transformation is actually doing. This video helps show what is happening during a log transformation.

After watching the data literally “transform” it was much easier to grasp exactly what was happening and how it would help.  Just remember you’ll have to transform it back if you wish to interpret the values.  While the below video was created using SYSTAT, I transform data so often I have some killer SPSS macros which transform data effortlessly.

You want your data to be normally distributed around the line which is “homosecasticity“.


Heteroscedasticity and Log transformation

If you’re interested in reading more, SAGE has a specific book on Heteroscedasticity & transformations

SPSS Macro is just a String Parser, this video goes over some basic usage

SPSS macro

Even in its simplest form, SPSS macros can save you an amazing amount of time by allowing you to quickly & easily swap-out one text for another. The text can be the name of a variable, the title, the statistical test to be run, etc. This can save an amazing amount of time if used properly.

In the below video gives a good demonstration of how easy it is to utilize them.

SPSS Macro is just a String Parser

SPSS Macro is just a String Parser

SPSS Macros for replacing missing data

SPSS macro

SPSS Macros for replacing missing data

A lot of online vendor tools provide a data value on a multi-select question however they leave the value missing if the respondent didn’t select it. Most of the analysis I want to do needs to have a zero (or some other value) present in order to calculate the statistics correctly.

I wrote a few SPSS Macros that make it very easy to replace the missing values on your data.  Here are the two macros


SPSS Macros- Replacing missing data