Windows autocorrect- Use AutoHotKey to replace text in any Windows program

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Windows autocorrect- Adding hotstrings in AutoHotKey

For about 20 years I loved using autocorrect feature in Word and Excel to help me write commonly used phrases.  Unfortunately, at that time, MS office didn’t sync across programs so I had to maintain my list of corrections in each program.  Worse yet; I also had to repeat it on every computer that I used.

About a decade ago I read an article which mentioned AutoHotKey had built in “Hotstrings” which provided a similar functionality but would work in any windows program.  (AutoHotKey has a ton of other great features but this is the one that has the largest appeal to the most users.)

I think of hotstrings and a windows autocorrect.  Used intelligently you can tell the computer when I type a few letters, replace the abbreviation I just typed with a full sentence, paragraph, etc.  It is fairly easy to add Hotstrings in AutoHotKey however there is a script which speeds-up the process.  The below video walks through the process.

Adding HotStrings in AutoHotKey

Text Expander with AutoHotkey for HotStrings with Long Replacement Text

Text Expander windows autocorrectHotStrings with AutoHotkey are a Text Expander that:

  • Quickly get you to be more efficient
  • Reduce likelihood of Carpal Tunnel
  • Improve Accuracy/Reliability you use correct content

While HotStrings are very easy to add and use, I take a little different approach when the text I’m inserting is long (over a couple of lines).   Using the Join command for long text can greatly help readability of your code as well as do some fun manipulation.  Here is the code I work through in the below video

And this Text Expander with AutoHotkey for HotStrings with Long Replacement Text

Long HotStrings _ Continuation Section & Join command in AutoHotkey

Using Hotstrings to help utilized custom SPSS scripts

SPSS ScriptsUsing Hotstrings from AutoHotKey help write your code is a great, easy, way to greatly improve your speed!  This example demonstrates me using hotstrings for writing most of which are actually custom SPSS scripts) which typically affect the look of output.  The newer versions of AutoHotKey now utilized Python for their scripting.  Most of mine were written in SAX Basic.  I’d post the code but it is unlikely they will work for you.

Scripts are easy to use and adaptable to make output much more meaningful and in a format ready to be used. AutoHotKey helps write syntax to utilize the scripts.

SPSS Scripts

Custom SPSS Scripts and AutoHotKey


Sample Scripts Library | Raynald’s SPSS Tools

Visual Basic-like language, embedded into SPSS for Windows. Use scripts samples to solve tasks related to interface and output manipulation.

Free SPSS Scripts

Use this script to rename some or all of the variables in your spss dataset. This script uses search and replace for effective renaming. Rename all your variables  …

AutoHotkey HotString tutorial- Walk through how to create & many uses

AutoHotkey HotString tutorialI believe HotStrings are one of the simplest & most productive tools you can use!  In this AutoHotkey HotString tutorial Jackie Sztuk from and I walk through many uses and how easy they are to create, maintain, and use.  There are some great tutorials on the AutoHotkey site as well as a small script that makes adding new HotStrings a breeze.

If you’d like to have a “spell check” running in every windows program, you can use this Autocorrect script.

Here is the AutoHotkey HotString tutorial Video

Joe Glines and Jackie Sztuk reviewing AutoHotkey Hotstrings


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