Example Webservice / API call- Yelp and working through oAuth2

In our API webinar we discussed how oAuth2 works however there is no better way to explain it than to actually work through an example!  In the below video & code I demonstrate how to access Yelp to perform the “handshake” with oAuth1 and receive the oAuth2 authentication.  I also demonstrate using a named Regular Expression to isolate the returned token.

Video walking through the API example / oAuth2 process




Example Webservice / API call- Yahoo Query Language with AutoHotkey

While we touched on this API in our API Webinar, I wanted to review a bit more and demonstrate the Yahoo Console which can greatly aide you in developing your API calls.  Below is the code I demonstrate in the video.  The Yahoo API is pretty straight-forward and, for many calls, you don’t need a secure Token or ID!

Video demonstrating Example API call to Yahoo

Example Webservice / API call- Yahoo query


Example Webservice / API call- OpenWeatherMap Forecast & Current conditions

Continuing with the examples shown in our webinar on Webservice APIs below I demonstrate how to use OpenWeatherMap’s API.

Here is the code I reviewed in the video demonstrating the various API calls.


Example API call to OpenWeatherMap

Example Webservice / API call- OpenWeatherMap Forecast & Current conditions

Example Webservice / API call- Extract JSON & Binary data from Smartsheets

In the webinar on APIs we discuss various types of data extraction but I don’t think I mentioned that you can also download binary data.  In this example I demonstrate how to connect to the SmartSheets API and extract both JSON (I also demoed this FormatJson function by tmplinshi which made the JSON much easier to read) and binary data (in this case a csv file).  Here is the AutoHotkey script I used during the below video:



Video demonstrating example API Call

Example Webservice / API call- Exporting JSON and binary data from SmartSheets