Use DropBox to keep the same desktop on multiple computers

Use DropBox to have one desktop on multiple computersI work / use a total of 5 different computers however, by using DropBox, I have one desktop on multiple computers.  This saves me a ton of time trying to make sure I keep my files stored in the same place.  By moving your desktop under your DropBox folder, you can easily keep them synced.

You can also create toolbars using the same approach.  Especially if you have toolbars linked to folders that are under your DropBox account.

Video demonstrating one desktop on multiple computers

SPSS script to Create readily accepted CSV files to online tools

SPSS ScriptsWhile SPSS has a built in capability of exporting to CSV, it doesn’t export in a format that most online tools accept.  I wrote an SPSS script which accepts one parameter (the path & name of the file) then it exports the file into a better CSV format that tools do accept.

Demonstrates the use of a parsing script to create CSV files that are ready to be uploaded to survey tools

Video Demonstrating SPSS Script to Export to CSV

Creating CSV files from SPSS


SPSS Syntax writer / Recoder using an Excel template

SPSS syntax

SPSS syntax

Writing (and re-writing) SPSS syntax can be mundane and time consuming.  Sometimes my data set has hundreds of variables which would take me quite some time to rename and relabel.  I created an Excel template which generates the necessary syntax and greatly helped automate the process.

The Excel file is available for download from here and the video below helps you see how easy it can be to use.  There is also a concatenation tab which allows you to add specific words as a prefix for your variables.

SPSS Syntax Writer

Demystifying the Ternary Operator in AutoHotkey: Short-hand If-Else logic

TernAutoHotkey has pretty straight-forward If-Then-Else logic however it can take quite a few lines of code to do some simple evaluations.   Ternary Operators are a great way to write short / concise code in one line!  🙂

The basic form is that you first evaluate a condition.  If the value resolves to being true, the first parameter is returned.  If it is False, the second parameter is returned.

(Condition)?(True) : (False)

Ternary Operator video walk-through

Ternary Operator in AutoHotkey