Web Scraping with AutoHotKey 104- Dealing with the dreaded Frames!

web scraping with AutoHotkeyWhen I’m web scraping info off the Internet and run into Frames I first cry and then say a prayer… The below video helps review the issue and offers some solutions on how to, reliably, grab data.

Just keep in mind that each frame is, in essence, it’s own page and you’ll have to add additional values to your handle to navigate to it.

A copy of the syntax writer for Web Scraping with AutoHotkey can be found here.

Web Scraping with AutoHotkey and Trouble shooting- the dreaded Frames

Webscraping with AHK 104-Frames

select multiple items on a form (in mass)

select multiple items

In order to speed-up our page load times I like to archive items to an old folder.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to select some, but not all, items.   What I really wanted to do is automate select multiple items from a list.

Web scraping with AutoHotKey to the rescue!!! This simple looper is fast, flexible and a life saver. It simply sends tabs and the space key to my browser window saving me a lot of time and mundane work.  Below is the AutoHotKey code which is set to work in Chrome

And here is a video in case you’re not getting the value.

Select multiple items from a list

Selecting / Deselecting items on a form (in mass)

Text Expander with AutoHotkey for HotStrings with Long Replacement Text

Text Expander windows autocorrectHotStrings with AutoHotkey are a Text Expander that:

  • Quickly get you to be more efficient
  • Reduce likelihood of Carpal Tunnel
  • Improve Accuracy/Reliability you use correct content

While HotStrings are very easy to add and use, I take a little different approach when the text I’m inserting is long (over a couple of lines).   Using the Join command for long text can greatly help readability of your code as well as do some fun manipulation.  Here is the code I work through in the below video

And this Text Expander with AutoHotkey for HotStrings with Long Replacement Text

Long HotStrings _ Continuation Section & Join command in AutoHotkey

HTML Testing & URL Verification tool with AutoHotKey and Excel

URL verificationURL Verification

Working in Internet Marketing I’m frequently involved with reviewing new and active web pages.   When I started the process was manual and quite time consuming so I wrote a script to automate much of it.  This video demonstrates it in action.  It requires you to navigate in IE (yes, I know…) and uses Microsoft COM to rip all the URLs by web scraping with AutoHotkey from the active page and dumps them into a spreadsheet for URL verification.  It also pulls things like the title of the page, # of words on the page, most popular words,  Values for name and ID elements as well as the actual URL and outerHTML.

The script also allows you to choose your overall area which is great because there is probably a template that your company uses (and you’ll probably want to exclude items that are part of site navigation, not unique to that particular page.

HTML – URL Testing & Validation tool