Extract email address from text with Regular Expression in AutoHotkey

Extract email addressRegular Expressions are incredibly helpful for day-to-day tasks!  In this short video I demonstrate how easy it is to use a Regular Expression (RegEx) in AutoHotkey to extract email addresses from text.  The first half of the video shows how I use it to parse the haystack listed in the script.  The second half of the video I make a minor tweak and adapt it to work with any program that you can copy text to the clipboard.

Below is the code I demonstrate in the video


Extract email addresses via Regular Expression in AutoHotkey

Extract email addresses with Regular Expression in AutoHotkey

Screen clipping + (Outlook, IMGUR,Local file…)

screen clipping

Screen Clipping

I use this AutoHotKey screen clipping script at least a dozen times a day. I think most people SHOULD be using it that often but don’t realize how useful it can be. This video walks through a few examples of how I use it.  You can download an executable version here.

At a high level- here are it’s strengths:

  • Incredibly easy to create a clip and leave it on the screen (then discard easily)
  • API integration with IMGURimage upload
  • Writes Outlook email and attaches it automatically (including time stamp and custom email)
  • Saves file as local png and places path to file on clipboard (so you can paste in anywhere- makes uploading to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. a breeze)
  • Can easily save png file to desktop using timestamp for name
Screen clipping and various uses

The script (and commentary) can be found on the AutoHotKey forum here.  I’ve also included the AutoHotKey code below.

If you wish to leverage the IMUGR upload you’ll want to check out this video and create an account here so you can get your own oAuth token.