Mock focus groups- Failed Rockers & their allegiance to the dark side

Mock focus groups- Failed Rockers

These “rockers” admit they don’t have what it takes, but that might be the biggest understatement I’ve heard in a long time!  I know these are mock focus groups but, sadly, this often is the target market of businesses.

At a bare minimum this should be used to discourage kids from doing drugs!  I think they’re one step above of the Models but the Toddlers and Guidos have them beat!  I’d be willing to bet that these guys and Surfers would get along fabulously!

Product Testing Institute – Glam Rockers


Here is a book for those interested in learning about Focus groups.  I recommend buying the used version

this Lego pain scale will make you LOL!

This “pain scale” has too much truth in it!  I’m sure my parent and research friends will find this hilarious!  I’ll have to admit, I’m not sure too many things will go beyond this outer value!  LOL

Lego Pain Scale

Lego Pain Scale

On a serious note, if you are looking for a good book providing various scales, you can read some great concepts about it in Eric Marders’s: The Laws of Choice or here is one that you might be interested in:

Mock focus groups- Seniors and smart phones don’t mix!

Mock focus groups- Seniors

This is one of my favorites of the mock focus groups.  While not tech savvy, they aren’t entirely clueless like the Models or Failed Rockers.  And I’m sure they would have out-smarted the Guidos (although the Toddlers would have given a run for their money.)  Working with seniors can be a challenge.   Sometimes slowing down isn’t easy in today’s world…  Learning out to sit-back and laugh is key!    I must admit I’m worried what happens when Surfers become Seniors…

Product Testing Institute – Seniors


Here is a book for those interested in learning about Focus groups. I recommend buying the used version

Now that is truth in advertising! How many other uses can we find?

If only advertising was this truthful!  In honesty, the billboard actually said “Makes your band sound better”  which I still found hysterical however I think my version

Truth in advertising

truth in advertising

Those of you old enough might recall this hilarious Dudley Moore movie where the ad guy decides to go ahead and “tell the truth” in ads. Here are a few of my favorite “truth in advertising” ads from the movie.