Honesty is the best policy- bad day at the office

Ever have one of those bad day at the office where nothing goes right?   I laughed so hard when I saw this because I would probably answer the same damn way!  LOL  Perhaps I can give my boss a nice “bell” to wear to avoid surprise visits?

Bad day at the office

bad day at the office

Speaking of the office, here’s a gem to have in your cube.   Bring it to all your meetings and be ready to call “bullshit” when people lapse into corporate speak:

Mock focus groups- Toddlers & Smartphones; Insights from the mouth of babes!

Mock Focus Groups – Toddlers

Focus groups with children can always be “interesting”.  A lot of fun and a lot of challenges are always in store for you!

I’m not sure if you’ll find anything more adorable than these young girls in this mock focus groups.  Sadly I think they outsmarted the Models, Guidos,  Failed rockers and Surfers!  This particular video wasn’t as funny as the others, but it sure is cute!  Having done a little work with kids, I can relate to trying to wrangle cats…

Product Testing Institute – Toddlers


Here is a book for those interested in learning about Focus groups.  I recommend buying the used version

110 year old birthday party! This is a very funny interview!

110 year old birthdayThis is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time.
Flossy Dickey is 110 (born in 1906!) and gives a very interesting interview.

Her secret of living so long? “I don’t fight it, I just live it!”  Besides napping she also enjoys some whiskey straight-up!  My kind of girl!

I’ll have to make sure I plan to attend 110 year old birthday!

110 year old birthday

Interview with 110 Year Old Woman, Flossie Dickey

If you found that as hysterical as I did, you’ll probably also appreciate this book on the humor of getting old.

Good luck Hillary, Don’t blow it!

Best of luck Hillary; Just don’t blow it!

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  In this case I think I find that statistic a little “hard to swallow”…  LOL!  Then again, in case you have no choice in the matter, this might help!

don't blow it

Good advice from an old friend.  I wonder if any other scandals will come to light in the coming months before election time.

Then again, what does it matter anyway?