Predicting OS market share with Markov chains- A review of past predictions

Predictions from Markov Chains were highly accurate

Back in 2011 I fielded a survey to fortune 500 companies.  Among other questions I asked what current OS they were using and what they thought they would be using next year.   From those simple (to answer) two questions, I was able to build Markov Chains showing the estimated switching patterns.  Many of my client’s did not believe what the results showed however history has proven them to be far more accurate than I would have imagined!

Yes, Linux never really ballooned up but the Windows predictions were highly accurate.

Markov Chains
Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

Similarities in payment distributions by Industry

Payment Distributions

In 2010 a national study across various industries examined payment distributions by industry.  The below additive tree shows the correlations  by Industry.  When reading an additive tree, follow the path from between the lines.  The shorter the distance, the higher correlated they are.  Color-coding was done to aide interpretation of the tree and is subjective.  I used SYSTAT to create tree.

In reviewing the tree below you can see that, overall, there are two main branches that split at the root.  After that, there are some pretty clear patterns.


Similarities in payment distributions by Industry by industries

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

And here is a book utilizing SYSTAT by one of the programmers. I learned the vast majority of my statistics from this great book!

Driving in the South can be a challenge! Here’s a real sign near Athens, GA

Driving in the South

Those of you who’ve driven around in the South will appreciate the below highway sign.  Imagine cruising up on this sign doing about 80 (if you go slower you’ll be run off the road) and trying to figure out what road you’re supposed to take.  I lived there for 2 years and I still can’t make heads or tails out of this sign.  LOL

Driving in the South

Yep driving in the south will definitely keep you on your toes!

If you appreciate the above sign, this book might be of interest to you.

Automate Excel graphs with AutoHotKey and SPSS; Automating pretty charts!

Automate Excel graphsAfter 20 years of doing multivariate statistics, doing analytics is very quick and easy for me.  Putting together the report which clients will think is “pretty” and convey the results is what really takes the time!  I have a ton of macros in SPSS which greatly simplify the front-end however I’ve always preferred Excel graphs to SPSS (because they don’t look like they were drawn with crayons).

Automate Excel graphs

In the below video I demonstrate how you how you can use AutoHotKey to easily automate Excel graphs that you’ll be proud to put your name on!

Using AutoHotKey to Create Excel Graphs