Converting Yes-No Strings to Numerics with an SPSS Macro

SPSS macro

Often I have strings in my SPSS data set which have values like: Y,Yes,yes,No,n, etc. and I want them to be a numeric value so I can take their mean. This SPSS macro makes converting them a breeze!  You might need to adapt it to your data set but the principle can be applied for many uses.

The below video demonstrates it usage.  Definitely saves a lot of time if o

Converting Yes-No Strings to Numrics with an SPSS Macro

SPSS macro

These SPSS macros should regularly categorize the string variables correctly.

Here are some convenient references to learn more.

Learning SPSS Macros | Raynald’s SPSS Tools

This page is a simple introduction. There are several fully (line- by-line) commented examples of macro

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