Excel & AutoHotkey

Excel & AutoHotkeyExcel & AutoHotkey Tutorials

  1. Create / Connect to Excel with AutoHotkey via COM
  2.  AutoHotkey and Excel Object model: Application, Workbook, Worksheet
  3. Shading cells with AutoHotkey via COM
  4. Obtain First row, Last row, # Used rows
  5. Obtain First / Last Column  & numeric to string converter
  6. Setting Horizontal and Vertical cell alignment
  7. Simplify writing AutoHotkey code using the Macro recorder & Excel constants
  8. Manipulate columns (Insert, Delete, set width)
  9. Insert, Delete, set Height of Rows
  10. Freeze Panes, Toggle screen updating, Inject file name into MRU
  11. Merging, Shrinking, and Wrapping cells
  12. Set cell Number format
  13. Font size, type, bold, italic, underline
  14. Adding / Removing / Changing Borders in Excel
  15. Creating “pretty link” for email merge from data in cells
  16. Using Offset and a range to iterate over cells and create a “better” email merge
  17. Finding & Returning specific header locations (for use in Filtering, Sorting, Merging, etc.)
  18. Clear Excel: Content, format, Data, Notes, comments, etc.
  19. Leverage built-in Excel worksheet functions & pass a method as a parameter (simplify code maintenance)

Excel & AutoHotkey Examples

  1. SPSS to Excel graph in seconds– Autographs to reduce workload
  2. Automate sales emails with Excel & AutoHotkey
  3. HTML Testing & URL Verification tool
  4. Automating email metrics with RegEx on the naming convention
  5. Automating email metrics -generating whole reports!

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