Great use of GIS data to decide your next business location

GIS Data

Years ago I helped a company that worked in the financial industry review where their current locations are and where FDIC Banks were located.  The GIS data was available for free from the FDIC.  If you spend some time you can merged the files together and look at it longitudinally.   The below map was particularly helpful in deciding where a new branch/office should be located.  I also imported the locations of competitors however I cannot share this data as it is too revealing.

I used Microsoft’s MapPoint to create the below map.  It is no longer with us however this would be easy to repeat with Google Maps.

GIS data

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

Use an API for Sales Prospecting- Automate finding sales leads

Sales ProspectingAPI for Sales Prospecting

I have a lot of friends that work in sales and spend an awful lot of time (manually) trying to find new sales leads.  There are a lot of sources out there (LinkedIn, Hoovers, InfoUSA, etc. ) which allow you to use a web browser for searching through their database.  Others open up access to their data by way of an webservice API.

The Clearbit prospect API allows you to find people and bring back demographics as well as email address.  The video demonstrates two examples where I of the Propector and Autocomplete Clearbit APIs.

Prospector and Autocomplete API

Standardized naming convention via SharePoint

Standardized naming conventionsStandardized naming conventions are a must for consistent email metrics.

In this post I demonstrated how I used a regular expression to automate email metrics.  I thought I’d create a short video demonstrating how we were able to use SharePoint to automate the creation of our campaign names.  Pre-SharePoint our clients would create and enter names manually.  This was a nightmare!

Standardized naming conventions

This video demonstrates how we managed to get SharePoint to ease the creation of our naming conventions.

Standardization of email naming convention



Mock focus groups- Toddlers & Smartphones; Insights from the mouth of babes!

Mock Focus Groups – Toddlers

Focus groups with children can always be “interesting”.  A lot of fun and a lot of challenges are always in store for you!

I’m not sure if you’ll find anything more adorable than these young girls in this mock focus groups.  Sadly I think they outsmarted the Models, Guidos,  Failed rockers and Surfers!  This particular video wasn’t as funny as the others, but it sure is cute!  Having done a little work with kids, I can relate to trying to wrangle cats…

Product Testing Institute – Toddlers


Here is a book for those interested in learning about Focus groups.  I recommend buying the used version