Screen Clipping w/built in email attachment, IMUGR upload, & saving

screen clippingI use this AutoHotKey screen clipping script at least a dozen times a day. I think most people SHOULD be using it that often but don’t realize how useful it can be.

The below video walks through a some examples of how I use it.  Trust me, after you start using it for a few days, you’ll wonder how you managed to get by all these years without having it!

screen clipping & built-in options

My version allows you to:

  1. have multiple clips on the main window
  2. automatically write a pretty email customized to the time/date and attach a .png file (easy to tweak to whatever format you want)
  3. upload to  IMUGUR:  If you want to do this you’ll need your own oAuth token.  Watch this video to explain how to get one
  4. save locally and paste path to file wherever needed (I use this for Facebook very frequently)
  5. save locally with a time-stamp

Here is the video demonstrating it’s usage

Screen clipping and various uses

and here is the AutoHotkey code (Be sure you create and swap out an IMUGR API key)



  1. Hi Joe

    I have come across your script on autohotkey forum,for your screen clipper,

    I when I run the script, I get ‘the system cannot find the specified file’

    line 1225 img.LoadFile

    please can you help,

    I am running windows 7 64bit,



  2. That has to do with the IMUGR file upload. Did you get an API key from IMUGR? Can you look in the folder where you are running the script and verify there is a file there?

  3. there is no file, image in the folder where I am running the script, I have added my unique key to the script for IMUGR,

    no matter what key combination I use, there is no saved image?

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