SPSS macroI’ve used SPSS for ~20 years now.  It is a very powerful and useful tool on it’s own however using syntax and SPSS macros turns it into a dynamite tool!

Since the macro language is just a special kind of syntax I’m not going to differentiate too much between the two. Below are links to many examples of the two that I rely on to ensure I’m productive and don’t waste time on the mundane.

SPSS macros

  1. Why you should learn SPSS syntax- Intro tutorial & demo video
  2. Intro to Macros-The lifesaver of redundant code
  3. Intro to Macros– It is just a string parser!
  4.  Re-purposing the file path for multiple uses (this is a gem!)
  5. Open and Save Hundreds /Thousands of similar Files
  6. Standardizing SPSS file import- Greatly simplify opening text files
  7. Converting Yes-No Strings to Numerics with an SPSS Macro
  8. Great use of GIS data to decide your next business location
  9. Splitting of data into separate files of equal numbers
  10. Flip ordinal variables labels so they graph well in Excel
  11. Moving data from one column to many; automating parsing a variable
  12. Easily Transforming data (Log, Square root, etc.) helps take care of Heteroscedasticity
  13. Tips & tricks of how to code with missing values in SPSS
  14. Automate replacing missing data
  15. Changing width of SPSS string variable
  16. Automating the creation of randomly split-out text files
  17. SPSS to Excel graph in seconds– Autographs to reduce workload
  18. Automate Excel graphs with AutoHotKey and SPSS; Automating pretty charts!
  19. Remove duplicates automatically
  20. Remove characters from strings with this SPSS macro
  21. K-means Cluster analysis– the way it should have been done!
  22. Drastically reduce work needed for Factor Analysis
  23. Using RegEx from AutoHotkey to Clean SPSS Labels
  24. Configure your SPSS variable format properly using syntax
  25. Using Hotstrings to help utilize custom SPSS scripts
  26. Flagging and re-coding data– Great syntax tips!
  27. Simplify renaming/labeling of SPSS variables with this great template (Another incredible time saver!)
  28. Using First & Last variables for SPSS Syntax- Great way to reduce your code
  29. Save a ton of time by customizing your SPSS toolbar (Another must to be efficient)

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