Autocorrect replace text- Use abbreviations to automate writing!

autocorrect replace text

Autocorrect replace text

Hotstrings from AutoHotKey are an amazing time saver! If you’re not using them now, stop what you’re doing because they are very easy to use and save you a lot of time on a daily basis!

You’ve probably used Microsoft Word’s autocorrect to replace misspellings or perhaps the Copyright sign ©.   Imagine if, instead of replacing one word, you could replace three pre-defined letters with paragraphs of text!   Simply one of the best ways to crank-up your productivity in a very short time!

Hotstrings (Auto-replace text in any program)

Another video I did demonstrating the usefulness of Hotstrings can be seen here where I demonstrate how I use it with SPSS to crank-out reports.

AutoHotKeyHotstrings and SPSS


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SPSS Syntax writer / Recoder using an Excel template

SPSS syntax

SPSS syntax

Writing (and re-writing) SPSS syntax can be mundane and time consuming.  Sometimes my data set has hundreds of variables which would take me quite some time to rename and relabel.  I created an Excel template which generates the necessary syntax and greatly helped automate the process.

The Excel file is available for download from here and the video below helps you see how easy it can be to use.  There is also a concatenation tab which allows you to add specific words as a prefix for your variables.

SPSS Syntax Writer