Drastically reduce work needed for Factor Analysis with SPSS Macro

SPSS macroSPSS Macros drastically reduce the time needed to run factor analysis and creating summary variables.  In the video below I demonstrate how you can greatly increase the speed at which you analyze your data as well as creating the new variables with summary factor scores.

By running Factor analysis twice (but changing the output) you can make it much easier to create summary variables once you’re happy with your solution!

Video demonstrating SPSS Macro running Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis with Macros

Here is the SPSS macro for Factor analysis:

And here is the other SPSS macro which eases creating of a new factor.  It takes a little getting used to but is well worth the effort if you’re doing a lot of factor analysis.

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Instead, a SPSS macro could generate the SPSS Syntax for each interactive graph within a loop, substituting a new rating scale variable name per iteration.