Tips for how to best use LinkedIn to find a job

Hopefully you already saw my other post/videos on how to improve your profile.  If youuse LinkedIn to find a job haven’t, please make sure you implement the advice before continuing on!

Here are the notes I covered in the video below.  They discuss some great ways to use LinkedIn to find a job!

  1. Make sure you’re comfortable using LinkedIn search. Performing Boolean searches on LinkedInSearching LinkedIn, 300 best boolean strings
  2. Proactively target & reach-out to specific groups of people that can help you!
    1. Find head-hunters that help place people like you (mostly for people with 7+ Years’ experience)
      1. Ask colleagues / peers / supervisors if know any recruiters they can recommend
      2. Use Filters like: Country, Title (under keywords) [“YourIndustry Recruiter”, ”YourSkill Recruiter”, ”Talent acquisition”, ”Senior Recruiter”, ”Corporate Recruiter” etc. ], Function (if available)
    2. Don’t use filters like Industry, Size of company, Seniority
    3. Probably restrict this list to your country but not geo-market (they typically fill positions nationally)
    4. Once identified- Try and connect with as many as you can. Write them a personal message letting them know you’re looking and give them a brief background on your skills/talents (not too much because they’ll rely on your LinkedIn profile)
  3. Find Managers / HR people
    1. Use filters like: GEO/locations,Industry(Staffing & recruiting, Human Resources, your specific industry), Keywords, Title, Job Function (if available) , Seniority (if available), size of company (if available)
    2. Limit the search to the markets you want to work in
    3. Connect with as many as you can. Write the ones you know directly.  See if you can have a “informational interview”
  4. Profile companies in the market you wish to work and see who has the most people with the job title you want.   After you find the companies:
    1. See if you know anybody at that company! Contact them directly if you know any!
    2. Make sure you check your 2nd-level connections too! You can easily do this with the search
    3. Find people that work at that company and connect with them
    4. Reach out to the HR / Recruiters for that company and let them know you’re interested
    5. Look at the groups these people are in and see if you can join. (Then post regularly to that group)
Tips for Using LinkedIn to find a job