Tips & tricks for becoming a LinkedIn superstar!

I’ve been working with LinkedIn for over 20 years.  Currently I do a lot with the site and have some great tips on how to become a LinkedIn superstar!

Improve your LinkedIn Profile

  • Make sure you have a picture and you’re smiling. People want to work with people they like!  Also have a headline picture
  • Think about what “key words” people looking for someone with your skills will search for and make sure you have them in your profile.
    1. Check out the competition and see what words they are using
    2. Use LinkedIn search to see how many people return with words you’re using
  • Rewrite your headline. It is the most important thing to pay attention to!  Use keywords from above
  • Have examples of your work (videos, documents, etc.)
  • Get recommendations – proactively contact people & possibly provide input on what appreciate being highlighted
  • Be selective about your content- Less is more!
  • Talk about how you applied your skills to solve a problem/make company money
  • Have your resume in Word and PDF
  • Spellcheck your profile & resume
  • Customize your linked URL
  • Post relevant links regularly. Use Buffer to make this easy
Improve your LinkedIn profile

Why you should grow your LinkedIn Network

  • Why grow network
    1. You can email your first connections
    2. Can see more people’s profiles
    3. More people can you see / find you!
  • What is risk of connecting with people?
    1. People will email/call you.  (yes, but it isn’t too crazy)
    2. People will see your connections (you can turn this off)
  • Is it more important on quality over quantity of connections
    1. If you have less than 500, you should probably aim for both
    2. If over 1,000 might be able to stick with just quality
Why you should grow your LinkedIn network

How to Grow your LinkedIn Network

  • How grow network
    1. Join Large groups
      1. Find 2nd & 3rd Connections in the group and connect with them
    2. Join Relevant groups (don’t forget alumni groups)
    3. Use main search and filter by 2ndconnections and Industry, Region, Job title, terms
    4. Become a L.I.O.N (LinkedIn Open Networker) and join their groups plus connect to them
    5. Find people that are connected to a zillion people.  LionsLionList
    6. Before connecting
      1. add (LION) in your title / name
      2. write a specific (yet generic) message that you’re a LION and are trying to connect to many. Thank them ahead of time for connecting.
How to grow your LinkedIn network

Exporting & Using 1st level connections from LinkedIn to be a LinkedIn superstar

In this video I walk you through how you can export all of your first-level contacts on LinkedIn. After exporting you’ll have their contact information which allows you to write them outside LinkedIn!

Exporting 1st Level Connections from LinkedIn