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Web Scraping with AutoHotkeyWeb Scraping with AutoHotkey is an incredible asset to have at your disposal.  One of my favorite things to do with it is Web Scraping & Pasting.  This page links to the tutorials I have walking through how to get started with Web Scraping in AutoHotkey.  I also have added a lot of example links of work I’ve done (to help stimulate ideas)

Right now I’m only using IE because I’m relying on COM however I’ve been working with Selenium which will allow automating any browser.

Before watching my videos I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the DOM (Document Object Model) by watching these videos:

  1. What is the Document Object Model Lynda.com video
  2. Manipulating the Document Object Model in JavaScript
  3. Introduction to Document Object Model

Don’t forget to download my Web Scraping AutoHotkey syntax writer and here is a link to the iWB2 Learner tool.

Web Scraping with AutoHotkey

1) Intro Pointer, Get values & Page Navigation
1.5) Intro Troubleshooting & getting correct content from page
2) Intro Set values & clicks / Buttons
3) Intermediate Isolating area & leveraging the DOM/HTML
4) Advanced Dealing with Frames
5) Intro Troubleshooting tips
6) Intermediate Loop over pages & extract data
7) Intermediate Web scraping with AutoHotkey using ClassName
8) Intermediate Webscraping using QuerySelector & QuerySelectorAll

Examples of work automated via Web Scraping with AutoHotkey

  1. Submit StumbleUpon submissions
  2. Transfer data from one website/system to another
  3. How I exported over 4 million contacts from Lexis Nexis
  4. Extract status from SharePoint and email colleagues
  5. Select “x” number of items on website form
  6. Obtain Behavioral Targeting Data from your own Web Site
  7. Determine House status on Real Estate site
  8. Extract meta data about videos from website

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